Let’s Bring Your Photos to Life!

We’ve captured the moment, now let’s savor the image. As a full-service photographer, I won’t simply take your picture & then leave you without knowing what to do next. What good are photos if they only stay on your computer or social media? Instead, we will collaborate to take your precious photos from a digital image, to a personalized keepsake that comes to life within your home. When I finally decided to make the effort to have my own photos professionally printed & framed, it truly made my place feel like home by having our photos displayed for all to see & enjoy. We will work together so I can do the same for you! No matter your desired outcome, I will provide you a customized experience so that your finished product is exactly what you want – whether it’s a one-of-a-kind piece of art to hang, a beautiful, leather-bound album of your prints, or perhaps you need help to finally create a photo, wall-collage of your family. We will utilize special tools I have to help determine the best sizes, colors, etc. that you need in your home. The end result will be custom-made, fine-art that will be proudly displayed in your home for many years. From the craftsmanship of the frame, to the Fine Art print – every piece you receive will be carefully crafted to ensure you receive the highest-quality products that will last for many generations.

What to Expect:

I believe so strongly in providing you custom pieces of art that you love, that I charge only a small session fee of $150 (per session, not per child). I believe my work speaks for itself & I prefer for you to invest your money in prints & heirloom products that you’ll truly cherish. The $150 acts as a retainer fee & the money is non-refundable if you cancel the session (in most cases, we will be able to work together to find a substitute date). This fee is required to book your session & to hold the desired session date for you.

During our initial consultation, we will discuss what you are hoping for (photos for your living room, or above the fireplace, a nice album, etc.) & then work together toward that goal. Most photo-sessions last about 45 minutes, as that provides me plenty of time to capture a wide variety of really great photos for editing. Once your photos are edited (approximately 2-3 weeks), I will notify you & set up a time for a Reveal Session at my office in Plano. Meeting in-person allows me to help you choose the best frame & photo sizes for the space you want to cover & discuss the frame colors & style that best compliment your decor. I have over 50 frame color-swatches & a large variety of frame shapes & styles to select from, as well as the tools to help you decide what sizes you need & what will look best in specific areas of your home. Once you have made your selection of prints/frames & placed your order, you will receive everything back printed on quality paper with sturdy backing & framed to your standards & specifications.

Please CONTACT ME & we’ll set up a time for a personalized consultation!  I look forward to collaborating with you!


A few things to note: While I mostly work with children, I am open to shooting other types of sessions, when my schedule allows & as long as you understand my approach (which you just read on this page). If you are hoping for a CD with a lot of digital photos, I’d be happy to refer you to a great photographer who provides that service. I will provide you digital images of all your photos, sized perfectly to share online. Printing rights are provided in order to ensure quality & consistency in style.

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