Behind the camera is my HAPPY-place, & I hope that the JOY it brings me shines forth in my photos. The passion I have for photography was passed down to me from the generations before me... My grandfather & my mom LOVED photography too. Since they are no longer here to share this JOY with me, it is a true HONOR to continue the HERITAGE that they passed down to me. And now, my own little girl LOVES taking photos & maybe one day her & I can do this together!

When I'm not behind the lens, I enjoy spending time with my family & traveling. My beverages of choice are caramel macchiattos, pumpkin spice lattes, sweet tea & Pinot Noir. My fun-loving, little girl is my PRIDE & JOY & she is the inspiration that drives me to capture special moments for other families. I am so thankful for the many MEMORIES I've captured of her through the years.

I mostly focus on boutique children's photography, but when my schedule is free, I am open to discuss family sessions, weddings, & other types of photo-shoots. I love traveling & incorporating my sessions into the "skyline" of the cities I venture to... Washington D.C., Chicago & Dallas to name a few. **Ask me about the perk involved for you if you are the FIRST to bring me to your "skyline"!**


I am a fine-art photographer whose goal is to give you a customized experience throughout the entire process. From our first meeting, up until the photo reveal, I strive to provide you great service, a fun experience for your children, & ultimately, amazing & unique, boutique-style art for you to hang in your home, or cherished in a nice leather-bound album. 

I strive to make each session unique to your child or family, & I occassionally offer fun, stylized shoots that go above & beyond my typical portrait sessions. 


Through the years, I've had the HONOR of photographing many exciting things (Weddings, Engagements, Families, etc.), but as I grow as a photographer, I continue to discover my "niche" and what brings out the BEST in my work. When I first started taking photos, I did a little bit of everything while trying to figure out what it was I wanted to specialize in. What I've realized over time, is that the more I enjoy what I work on, the more I am able to give my best toward my work, & ultimately, that will be reflected in the great photos I give to my clients.

While I don't spend the majority of my time marketing these other types of sessions anymore (besides family mini-sessions twice a year), it is still an honor anytime someone asks me to photograph their wedding or engagement, or asks me to take photos of their family. I still love meeting new people, taking referrals & doing other types of sessions... what can I say, any excuse to get behind the camera!

If you are interested in having me photograph a wedding, engagement, or family session, PLEASE reach out to me.
If I have the availability, I'd love to talk!

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